St Edwards - The Quad

Location – Oxford
Client – Gilbert Ash
Sector – Education

Our team played a significant role in the construction of The Quad in Oxford, undertaking several crucial tasks. We completed the installation of the Structural Framing System (SFS) for the oval theatre, as well as the partitions and ceilings throughout the complex. One standout feature was the bespoke gold open mesh ceiling we created for the lecture theatre, adding a touch of uniqueness to the space. Additionally, we handled the plastering and ceilings for the teaching building.

The project encompassed the construction of a new sixth form study centre, a 1000-seat assembly hall, library, reading room, and foyer. These facilities were designed to be innovative, modern, and flexible, providing an optimal learning environment. Our dedicated team worked diligently to ensure the successful implementation of the partitions and ceilings package, contributing to the creation of functional and visually appealing spaces within The Quad.

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