Mount View Academy

Location – Peckham, London
Client – Gilbert Ash
Sector – Education

Our team was entrusted with the SFS (Structural Framing System), partitions, and ceilings installation at Mount View Academy in Peckham. Situated on a brownfield site adjacent to the Stirling Prize-winning library, this 100,000 square foot academy boasts a remarkable design.

The three to five-story building encompasses a 200-seat main auditorium, an 80-seat studio theatre, a rooftop restaurant, and a range of training facilities including dance, rehearsal, and acting studios, dressing rooms, singing rooms, a radio suite, and two TV studios.

Our dedicated efforts ensured the successful completion of the SFS, partitions, and ceilings package, providing a solid structural framework, functional spaces, and an aesthetically pleasing environment for the academy’s students and staff.

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